IV Edition of the TOP automotive Conference – report

IV Edition of the TOP automotive Conference – report

In the days of November 28-30, 2018, the fourth edition of TOP automotive Conference took place in Częstochowa. The event has already earned attention from the automotive industry and is a recognized point of the annual program on the Polish automotive agenda. In 2018, 170 representatives met, from nearly 60 companies, and a large part of them has visited the Conference several times already.
The group of people involved in TOP automotive are, of course, conference speakers who are representatives of VDA QMC, OEMs, suppliers and partners. And this year, as always, the group stood up tot he task and the program was full from the first to the last minute.

The first day

We started on Wednesday evening. The theme of the evening focused on legal and other requirements, in particular on the product safety. First, BOSMAL Institute for Automotive Research and Development presented their support possibilities in the field of testing for the individual admission of vehicles and vehicle approvals, preparation of technical opinions as well as opinions on innovativeness, technical analyzes and others. Next, Team Prevent representative, referring to the previous lecture, pointed out the legal, industry and customer requirements to be met in terms of product safety.

The second day

The second day of the Conference always has the most tight program. During the fourth edition, even more than usual, because in addition to VDA QMC panel and OEM panel, workshops were held on Thursday.


VDA QMC, following the principle of continuous improvement, continues to improve both its functioning and cooperation with licensees. The lecture of Dr. Yuliya Prakopchyk, Director of Training and Development of VDA QMC was based largely on the principles of this cooperation. Dr Yuliya also mentioned the changes occurring in societies in recent years and the associated need to adapt to the expectations of recipients of eg training. She also provided VDA QMC publishing plans for the upcoming months, reawakening the hope that the work on a common FMEA manual will be finalized in the near future. Shortly after publishing manuals in German and English, Team Prevent Poland as the body authorized to translate them, publishes their Polish editions in the pages of Team Prevent Publishing House (www.wydawnictwo-tp.pl).
Thanks to the strategic partnership, covered by VDA QMC over TOP automotive Conference, conference participants always learn first-hand about new products and changes in automotive requirements. This time we focused on the FFA process - Analysis of defective parts from the market, the approach to which process is being updated in VDA QMC and is to be published in the form of a new edition of VDA FFA in the near future.

OEM Panel
We are proud that despite all the workload and changes taking place at the high levels of the organization, all three OEM Conference partners have decided to participate in it and enrich the Conference by providing information relevant to suppliers and potential suppliers.
Thanks to the speech of Volkswagen Poznań, non-German speakers have decoded the abbreviation BTV (Bauteilverantwortliche) as a typically Polish term SQA… and understood the difficulties that people responsible for ensuring the quality of suppliers have in cooperation with suppliers from different cultures and time zones.
Opel pointed out the requirements for suppliers to PSA group. they also focused on the SOP of gasoline 1.2-liter turbo engine that will take place in the near future.
FCA went to make suppliers aware that delivery to Fiat Chrystler Automobiles does not necessarily mean supplying parts to Fiat brand. They also described a new process audit form based on AIAG's PPAP.
All producers have opened their doors to secrecy on new models and future-oriented strategies, in which new technologies were at the lead - electromobility, autonomous driving, car sharing and so on.


In the second half of the day, we invited everyone to a new form of workshops. Thanks to the involvement of VW and FCA, some of them had a corporation tone and were mainly interesting for companies supplying to a given OEM. FCA provided details of completing the audit report according to the new FCA PPAP. In the form of a strategic game, VW dealt with the challenges of bidding to the group, and on a live example of e-Golf brought from Poznań, they discussed the aspects of electrification of vehicles. The interactive workshops conducted by Team Prevent Poland in the themes of IATF 16949 (quiz knowledge of the standard), VDA 16 (practical evaluation of decorative surfaces), VDA 6.3, PSB and MSA (case study) were no less interesting.
And it was not the end of a busy day. At the end of the conference part, representatives of BWI Poland Technologies, the diamond partner of the Conference, systematized information related to the requirements and expectations of the automotive industry in terms of globalization. They pointed out that the standardization of processes is all the more important the wider they are and the more global they become.
The evening of the second Conference is a traditional banquet lasting until late at night, this time even more attractive with a spectacular number made not on four but two wheels.

Day three

Supplier pannel

The panel of suppliers launched by BWI on Thursday had its continuation the following day. With the lecture of Team Prevent about the new safety management standard ISO 45001 and the benefits of its implementation in the plant, we have moved smoothly from management systems, through an interesting issue of emission of volatile compounds in vehicles (the lecture of Automotive Research and Development Institute of BOSMAL, describing its health, safety and comfort aspects as well as requirements in the automotive industry, regarding acceptable emission levels and research methods), further by the experience of suppliers (Lacroix Electronics and Boryszew Automotive Plastics) in the field of cooperation and communication with suppliers and customers, up to the requirements of the German automotive industry, collected in volumes VDA 16 (decorative surfaces) and VDA 19.2 (technical cleanliness in assembly processes), presented by Team Prevent trainers and consultants.
It was an amazing three days. With a little hunger for more, but also some tiredness and a new dose of knowledge, good practices, and above all, a memory of interesting conversations with people who, as we say - is supposed to be quality, not only quantity.
The date of the next Conference has already been set - 27-29.11.2019. We have deciced fort he place which gathered most suggestions after the last edition - Zakopane. It is certain that in a year we will meet with the same and new faces – on the TOP.
Once again, we would like to thank all partners and patrons of the Conference: VDA QMC, honorary patrons - the Mayor of Częstochowa, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, diamond partner - BWI Group, golden partners - DEKRA Certification, Olympus Polska, Lloyd's Register, Boryszew Automotive Plastics, silver partners - Shapers' Poland, PIK Instruments, BSI Group, 5sAUTOMATE, brown partners - OpenOne, Wroclaw School of Economics, Knauf Industries, Manpower Group, content partner - Team Prevent Publishing House.
We also thank media patrons for media support: abcjakosci.pl, Jakość.biz, Controlling i Zarządzanie, Problemy jakości, staleo.pl, Eurologistics, centrum.jakosci.pl, Logistyka Produkcji, Projektowanie i konstukcje inżynierskie, log24.pl, zrobotyzowany.pl . Automation, AutomatykaOnline.pl, KAIZEN, logistyczny.com.