III Edycja Konferencji TOP automotive – relacja

This year's TOP automotive conference, as in previous years, has attracted a large number of people associated with quality in the automotive industry. The event was even more interesting because it was connected with the jubilee of the organizer's decade - Team Prevent Poland.

The year 2016 brought so many changes in the automotive requirements that until today there are many questions regarding i.a. the requirements of IATF 16949. Experts from IATF, VDA QMC and Team Prevent have tried to answer them by using the newly issued and translated into Polish Sanctioned Interpretations ( SI's) to the standard and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). They did it in such an accessible way that they convinced at least some of the gathered people that "IATF 16949 is cool".

Regarding VDA QMC manuals, the new edition of the system audit for services (VDA 6.2) arouses the greatest interest, as well as the interpretation of the requirements contained in VDA 6.3 regarding service providers. The fact that VDA 6.3 received a Polish approved translation makes it easier for Polish-speaking recipients. VDA 6.2 is now available in English and German.
The lecture devoted to new process audit tools according to VDA 6.3 was particularly popular among auditors. It turns out that VDA QMC, going with the times, prepared the application VDA 6.3 Analysis Tool, replacing the previously used Excel file and also available on mobile devices. Therefore, the sight of the auditor walking around the plant with a tablet should become more frequent than of the one with a notebook.

It has already become a tradition that TOP automotive allows you to delve into the process issues, every year analyzing it from a different point of view.

The leading theme of 2017 was internal communication.
Each of the Conference partners, namely Volkswagen Poznań, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Opel Manufacturing Poland, considered this issue, emphasizing other aspects of it.
VW presented the core elements of the error removal process, German: Fehlerabstellprozess (FAP). As the only OEM, it also gave a hint of the plans for the future of currently manufactured models - the preparation of a new Caddy, Transporter and new Crafter variants.

FCA pointed to the legitimacy of using Work Place Integration (WPI) - a new method for designing and improving the production process, based on the use of the WCM pillars, FCA and its suppliers’ know-how.

Opel, on the other hand, referred to the broadly understood communication answering the main question of the people gathered - how will the requirements for suppliers of Gliwice plant, which until now delivered to GM, change. Participants obtained assurance of defining a uniform system of requirements in the near future, based on similarities and specifying the differences between QSB + and BIQS, which are considered by OMP as the language of communication with the supplier. Unfortunately, due to such significant changes in the group, representatives of Opel could not disclose plans for subsequent models planned for assembly in Gliwice.
A part of TOP automotive is always the presentation of the representative of Automotive Suppliers, who indicated Poland's place in the ranking of Central and Eastern European countries in the field of the automotive industry. The trend is not positive, but the large number of new investments allows us to hope that we will not give the field to colleagues from beyond the southern borders.

The second day of the conference was devoted to the specific requirements of the automotive industry in the supply chain, which this time was represented by Powertrain units. And so: FCA boasted about the planned start of production of GSE engines (2 engines - 1.0 and 1.3 in 2018, then the development of the GSE engine family) and drew attention to stricter requirements in relation to Powertrain suppliers. VW announced plans to produce gearboxes for electric cars, while OMP was very confident about the possibility of obtaining new Powertrain projects for the plant in Tychy, thanks to the acquisition of Opel by PSA.

TOP automotive is a communication platform for car manufacturers and their suppliers. It would not be bilateral if it were not for workshops. They allow to clarify doubts arising after listening to the lecture and to ask additional questions, as well as an open discussion with moderators on topics which arouse interest.

During the workshop there were numerous questions addressed to the representatives of VDA and Team Prevent, representing, next to OEM's, the fourth workshop group. The issues raised certainly contributed to the consistency of interpretations referring to the content of the IATF 16949 standard. Among the respondents there were also representatives of certification bodies, which added value to the content by allowing the auditor's eyes to look at the requirements. During the exchange of information, the recently published Sanctioned Interpretations (SI's) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) were repeatedly referred to.

Guided by the maxim announced at the beginning of the Conference by Team Prevent Board: "In the automotive industry we work very hard and deserve a moment of rest and good fun", Team Prevent not only provided a great evening program for both days of the Conference, but also took care of the health of its participants, ensuring during breaks in lectures, the opportunity to use the so-called Health Zone.

Thanking you for participation in TOP automotive 2017 Conference, we invite you to take part in the next edition, which will take place on 28-30.11.2018. We will provide you with detailed information soon.